Tuesday 17 January 2012

A year of mornings Tuesday 17th January 2012

Hot steaming cup of tea & crumpets - a welcome breakfast on a chilly morning.
I'm enjoying challenging myself to take a picture each morning and I am learning more about composition.  I can already  see where I could have improved this shot, but this isn't what a year of mornings is about, it's about capturing part of your morning before all the hustle & bustle of the day.


  1. I'm amazed that you have time to take pics in the morning - its a wonderful practice and I suppose it slows you down for a few seconds before everything speeds up again. Love the mug!

    1. I like my mug too! - finding the time to take a picture is a very good practice, it keeps you focussed on the here and now, which, is a pretty good place to be, because the here and now is the only place where we are truly living :)

  2. Yummm ... looks tasty. What a beautiful way to start the day and doesn't it just capture it. I'm loving your year of mornings. I'm curious to know where you could have improved the shot? x

  3. Thanks Jules x I think I could have improved the shot by not having the teapot and plant stand on the window shelf. I could have turned the cup around to have the full slogan showing. x