Friday 22 July 2016

A walk amongst the flowers

It's been a long time since I have visited my own blog, 5 months to be precise when the 29 faces challenge ended in February.  That feels a long time ago, and time marches on, until I find myself in the last few days of July.

It's a lovely sunny day today and I've just been out in the garden so I thought I would share a few pictures of some of the flowers I am enjoying:

Leucanthemum ‘Snowdrift’ Daisy

Chocolate Cosmos growing next to the tomato plants

My new Buddha garden

The bee garden full of poppies, borage, delphiniums and verbena bonariensis and bees!

Pink Cosmos with white trailing lobelia

Out and about in the wider world I came across these flowers in one of the flower beds at Edgehill University, I'm not sure what they are, I will have to do a bit of detective work.  I really like the shadow play at work here.

I then had a play in PicMonkey, gave the image a colour boost and applied a water filter.  I was quite pleased with the result as the water filter picked out the concrete border and created a lovely colour and texture.

Whilst on the subject of flowers, I took a lovely photo of the harebells yesterday evening as I walked the dogs in the sand dunes whilst it was cool:

Did you know that in folklore, harebells are also sometimes called The Devils Bell and The Fairies Thimble as its reputed to have sheltered the fairies. Folk also believed that witches used juices squeezed from the flower to turn themselves into hares.

The Song of the Harebell Fairy

"O bells, on stems so thin and fine!
No human ear
Your sound can hear,
O lightly chiming bells of mine!

When dim and dewy twilight falls,
Then comes the time
When harebells chime
For fairy feasts and,fairy balls.
They tinkle while the fairies play,
With dance and song,
The whole night long,
Till daybreak wakens, cold and grey,
And elfin music fades away. „