Saturday 27 August 2011

Is This True For You

I came across this mug yesterday on my shopping travels and loved the quote on it:

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Catch Up

I've not written a "proper blog" for a wee while, so, I'm trying to play catch up now, I'll start with my 3 day trip to Coniston......going to Coniston is an annual event with all the members of Young Church from Lytham Methodist. The thing is, the members of the young church are growing up - I think the adults outnumber the kids these days! Anyway, there were about 35 of us this year.  We stay at the St Martins Youth Centre which is bang in the middle of Coniston, it's like going home as we have been going for a number of years now.  This year, I chose to camp out in Dora McFlora, because the kids/young adults keep you awake til all hours and the bunk beds are just a bit too soft for my creaky back.  We all had a great time and I got chatting to a famouse fell runner in the Black Bull pub on a Friday night called Joss Naylor.  He is a LEGEND in the fell  running world.  I know about Joss Naylor as I bought a book about Fell running last year in Ambleside, and his name is mentioned throughout that book. What an opportunity to be able to have a chat with such a great man, who, in 2006, (age 70)  ran 70 Lakeland fell tops, covering more than 50 miles and ascending more than 25,000 feet, in under 21 hours!
My meeting with Joss gave me the impetus I needed to climb Coniston Old Man the very next day, I even managed to run up several parts of it and on the descent, my friend Nikki and I on the spur of the moment went wild swimming in Goats Water Tarn - it was very cold!

Me at the top of Coniston Old Man - First time this year my legs have been out in a pair of shorts!

DoraMcFlora in the Youth Centre Car Park
Tarn on the ascent up Coniston Old Man
TiddlyWinks with some light refreshment
Some of the kids in Coniston Lake
Another Tarn!
Fern  covered steps

Saturday 13 August 2011

Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap

Here is my creation, I posted her this morning, hopefully she will make it to her recipient in France!  For those of you who can draw people/faces, don't look to hard! she's a bit out of proportion! Still, I enjoyed making her :)