Sunday 24 February 2013

Black Flies

No man is an island, this I know
But can't you see?
Maybe you were the ocean

when I was just a stone

So here we are

Words by Ben by Swirly Girl

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Beach Art

It's half term here and my usual walk with the dog on the beach is a little bit more crowded than usual with parents making the most of the sunny weather and taking the kids down on the beach to make sandcastles.  Whilst foraging for driftwood I stumbled across this creation,  I was very impressed!

Mermaid or man-maid?

Scarecrow maybe?    

Saturday 16 February 2013

Love Collage

This is my first contribution to the Artist's Play Room and this week's theme was Love, Roses, Chocolate and Valentines - all of this combination or some.

I doodled a few watercolour love hearts, added a few magazine cut-outs and then finished it off in Pic Monkey.

Come Live In My Heart And Pay No Rent...Samuel Lover

Friday 8 February 2013

Lady Nancy

My friend Morag over at Paper Rainbow is celebrating her 50th Birthday today, and to mark the occassion, I wanted to give her a home-made present. I came across a mixed media artist a few weeks ago, dawn maciocia  and feeling slightly inspired, I created this for Morag.

Lady Nancy
It's a mixed media affair, comprising of water colours, acrylics, floral decorated napkins and various papers.  She's called Lady Nancy as some of the sheet music I used as part of the collage had the words Lady Nancy in it.  I'm sure Lady Nancy will be very happy in her new home, but I'm missing her already so I hope to be creating her a little brother or sister soon!

Monday 4 February 2013


I have a gratitude buddy, on most days we exchange an email listing the things we are grateful for, this was an idea inspired by Andrea Scher over at SuperHero Life.  Sometimes, I take a picture to express my gratitude.  After a particular tough day, I decided to snap a few pictures this evening to remind me that I have so much to be grateful for, this is my gratitude collage for today, just a few simple captures of my immediate surroundings in my living room.

I am also grateful for the band World Party whom I have started to play again after a long absence, here is a particular favourite song of mine by them entitled Making It All Come True:

What are you grateful for today?