Thursday 11 September 2014

21 FREE Creativity tips and art ideas

Amelia Critchlow over at experimental art has very kindly put together a 21 day free creativity tips and art ideas programme to inspire and get the creative juices flowing. Here are my contributions so far:

Day 1 - collect 10 things which inspire you visually:

Day 2 - go on a photo walk:

Day 3 - alter a map:

In my map alteration, I photocopied part of an Ordnance Survey map of North Skye and traced around my foot, cut it out and hand stitched a trail walk I did whilst on holiday, I also added in the hand stitched heart to represent my love for this beautiful part of the world.

Whilst on a late afternoon walk down on the beach, I took this photograph of my daughter and one of our dogs (Jasper), I really like the soft light and the joyful connection captured between the two of them: