Tuesday 4 October 2016

Realistic shopping expectations

So, the anticpated quick "pop to the shops for milk and cat food" last week didn't turn out quite that way.  Without checking my shopping receipts, I think I paid the local Sainsburys a further 3 visits last week and nearly all for "legitimate items".  So, prepared with a more realistic food budget for this week, I went shopping yesterday, the bill came to approx £110, but we are covered with lunches and evening meals for 3 adults this week, which also includes the cat food (but not dog food, as I buy their food on-line).  I've meal planned again this week but have lost the list!

Last month I took part in Zero Waste Week, which is an annual challenge and this year the focus was on food waste.  To start the week off we were asked to check out salad in the fridge, using up any salad lurking around the salad drawer instead of putting it in the bin. Then we moved onto bread and other food items as the week progressed.  I've been keeping up the good work, all the vegetable peelings, egg shells, kitchen roll, toilet rolls have gone straight into the bucket to take down to the allotment to be composted.  Any other rubbish has been mostly stuff like crisp packets, chocolate bar wrappers etc.  I've been like the Bin Police, constantly checking what is being put in the kichen bin and taking it out if it can be re-cycled or burned. Even the food wasted by the cat is given to the dogs to polish off.   As a result, only 1 bag of rubbish has gone into the grey bin for collection this week, I am so proud of this, as usually we generate about 3.