Sunday 25 September 2016

Back to the budget and meal planning

It's time to get back to budgeting and meal planning, this has been a very expensive year what with one thing and another and I've noticed how I have let things slip around food and so the food bills have been rising.  It's not easy managing different dietary requirements for each family member, one is gluten free and a meat eater, the other is wheat intolerant and pescatarian.  Now my daughter has ditched the meat (yay!) meal planning is easier for the two of us and as for the other half, he cooks for himself as he doesn't eat the same food as me.

So, this morning I took my shopping list, went into Aldi, bought only what I needed and the bill came to £10.13. I then nipped into Sainsburys to get the things I couldn't get in Aldi and the bill was £10.65.

I know I will need to pay another visit to the supermarket at some point this week as I will need to get milk and cat food.  I bought a couple of packs of cat food from Aldi, not the cat's usual brand, however, if he eats it, I will be back to get some more!

This week's meal plan:


Vegetarian roast dinner


Spaghetti bolognese (either vegetarian or vegan)


Vegetable curry with a chana allo side


Chilli con carne (vegetarian)


Sweet & Sour Quorn (vegetarian)

Lunches for myself and my daughter are covered this week, my daughter always has left overs from tea for her lunch and I will have either salads or home-made soup.

By meal planning and sticking to a budget, I hope to reduce the food bills enough this month so I can re-direct the money into savings.