Wednesday 28 September 2011

Indian Summer

We appear to be experiencing an Indian Summer in the lateness of September 2011 - and so I am savouring the sunshine, a little like the last of the summer wine. 

Images for the day 28th September 2011

Saturday 17 September 2011

Faery Squash

Inspired by the Experimental Art assignment, I've been messing around with watercolours to create staining/mark making. Also inspired by faeries and autumn leaves here is my playful offering:

Thursday 15 September 2011

Having a smashing time

I've been inspired by hapa-zome.  Which is, essentially,  hammering or smashing plant material (leaves or flowers) into fabric to create an imprint  - its derived from Japan apparently and I love it! 

I decided to make a card for my god-daughter Sarah Rose who will be heading south tomorrow to start University at Kingston, London. Whilst walking the dog earlier in the beautiful sunshine we are currently enjoying here, I plucked a couple of roses from the rail embankment to use in my hapa-zome creation.  I stitched a piece of fabric onto card, then placed the rose petals onto the fabric.  Covered the petals with plasic and began to hammer (v.satisfying), my intention to create some splodges.   If I wanted to have a full imprint of the flower, I would have used a smaller flower such as a geranium or lobelia, but  I wanted my fabric to be stained. A bit of modge podge, faeries, glitter and stamping was all that was needed to create my card:

Here's a card I made earlier in the week using the same process:

This card was made imprinting leaves and lobelia onto fabric

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Experimental Art

Soooo excited to have signed up with Amelia Critchlow's Experimental Art e-course.  On day 1 we were given a doodling assignment!

Here is my doodle, the yellow splodge is food dye which I blew around with a straw to form a shape, then I began to doodle around it!  Doodling is v.addictive!

Doodling addicts can be found at this cool blog spot - doodlersanonymous