Thursday 15 September 2011

Having a smashing time

I've been inspired by hapa-zome.  Which is, essentially,  hammering or smashing plant material (leaves or flowers) into fabric to create an imprint  - its derived from Japan apparently and I love it! 

I decided to make a card for my god-daughter Sarah Rose who will be heading south tomorrow to start University at Kingston, London. Whilst walking the dog earlier in the beautiful sunshine we are currently enjoying here, I plucked a couple of roses from the rail embankment to use in my hapa-zome creation.  I stitched a piece of fabric onto card, then placed the rose petals onto the fabric.  Covered the petals with plasic and began to hammer (v.satisfying), my intention to create some splodges.   If I wanted to have a full imprint of the flower, I would have used a smaller flower such as a geranium or lobelia, but  I wanted my fabric to be stained. A bit of modge podge, faeries, glitter and stamping was all that was needed to create my card:

Here's a card I made earlier in the week using the same process:

This card was made imprinting leaves and lobelia onto fabric


  1. What a cool idea. Must try!

    In reply to your message on my blog about hula hooping. I think you must try it for is not your name Swirly girl?? Go on, buy a hoop!!


  3. Wow! Love the fairy card. So creative, so beautiful. x