Thursday 4 October 2012

Tea Time Magic

It doesn't matter where I am in the house, at 5pm prompt, my eldest cocker spaniel Conny will come and search me out.  If she could communicate in human speak what she wanted, I'm sure it would be very simple, only two words - "tea- time".  So, I put my College work to one side, check the sky for clouds (a recent obsession of mine).

Looking moody out there

Exit my Study and make my way down stairs to the Utility Room, to prepare the dog's tea.  I say prepare, because it's a combination of various elements to make it appetising, dog biscuit, dog food, fresh ham...and tonight they were treated to a grating of cheese to top it off. 

Tea Action

So, pretty reluctant to return to College work, I begin my early evening ritual, lighting up the t-lights.  This is a ritual, to mark the passage from afternoon to evening, to embrace the evening  energies.

I sit and write this blog post  from the kitchen table whilst waiting for tea to cook, it has taken me a while to grasp the concept that laptops are portable!

Fire Starter

I have come to find that creating ritual in our lives infuses the ordinary details with a little bit of magic.

Where do you create magic in your  life?

Wednesday 3 October 2012

My name for October is Magic

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to catch some sunshine,  and as I was playing around with my camera in the garden, I took this picture of my buddha through a lace top which was drying on the wahing line, I quite like it.

I discovered some lovely raspberries in the garden but left them for the birds to enjoy

And today I found a beautiful leaf

  And some beautiful words