Sunday 15 January 2012

A year of mornings 15th January 2012

Through the kitchen blinds this morning I spied a Robin having breakfast on the bird tray. I  quickly grabbed the camera and did my best to take a picture through the kitchen window, it's not brilliant but I was so happy to get a picture of the little fella or lady!

Did you know that Robins have a sweet tooth? They often take cake, especially fruit cake, coconut cake and uncooked pastry. (so if you have any unwanted Christmas Cake, you know what to do with it!). Mealworms are a firm favourite, this is what the Robin in my garden was feasting on this morning.  In the garden centres, mealworms are really expensive, I bought a bag yesterday from Home Bargains for £1.29 - Bargain!!


  1. My parents have a semi-tame Robin in their garden that will take mealworms from their hand. My Mum feeds him every day and calls out to him and he hops out of a bush to see her!

  2. Great photo - absolutely love Robins x

  3. We also used to have a semi-tame Robin. Seems they can be quite sociable!
    Not a bad photo either, considering how difficult it is to capture these moments quickly.