Sunday 15 January 2012

Reorganising, creating space, return of peace

In the latter part of this afternoon, I was paid a visit by the decluttering bug, he never announced he was coming to visit today, he just appeared.  When you are paid a visit by the decluttering bug it is a bit like putting on the red shoes, if you have seen the video "The Red Shoes" by Kate Bush you will know what I'm trying to say here.  Anyway, the decluttering bug is a hard task master, and before I knew it, I was turfing out yet more stuff, creating spaces in storage cupboards which hadn't seen space for a long time. It didn't stop there, the decluttering bug pointed me in the direction of my study and said "get that sorted out Mrs".  My study used to be my treatment room a few years ago (I still call it the Reiki Room), it was a peaceful, tranquil space, where family and friends came for Reiki, Indian Head Massage or Reflexology.  But, since I started my counselling course nearly 3 years ago, I slowly began to leave the healing path, I kind of had my own stuff to look at, I needed to heal some of my emotional clutter.  It often left me in a strange and unfamiliar place at times, leaving me with questions, such as "who is the person I've become? Self healing is a bit like being an onion I suppose, there are always more layers to unpeel. I'm a work in progress, always will be.

But, I have been feeling the pull back to Reiki, back to healing - it feels like a sort of home coming, I feel like I am travelling a path back to myself. I feel like I have come full circle, for the time being at least.
Although I don't have space for my massage table at the moment, I feel the study is now half a study and half a tranquil space which could be used for meditation/yoga, I'm not really sure yet, but I know I'm making room for something.
I  now have enough room for my Lafuma Chair, which means I can give reflexology treatments.  The room looks and feels so much better, I'm looking forward to reconnecting with healing energy and I am reminded of my word for this year -magical connections

My Reiki Room/Study - infused with space, light, love, mojo!

I Can Choose Peace


  1. "get that sorted out Mrs" - love that. Your room looks sooo welcoming and I hear you when you say you're feeling a pull back to Reiki. Think of the wonderful counselling that can be done with Reiki, Art, and Talking Therapy. Magic. Love the bureau/dresser and your Lafuma chair. Mr Owl just looks so at home on there. (ps is that your flora painting?) Lovely post Mrs and look forward to hearing of its magic x

  2. Thanks Jules x the room looks so much better now for a good declutter. It needs redecorating but that's not a big job. The bureau is quite old (it's from Ikea). The chair is also from Ikea, upon re-reading my post I can see that I wasn't clear about my Lafuma chair! - the Lafuma is cream and tilts back, its currently stored in a big cupboard but at least I now have room to bring it back into the Reiki Room. The picture is of my mermaid which was the second canvas I started with Flora - she needs finishing! x Maybe this year should also be about finishing stuff!! lol

  3. I totally relate to the idea of self-healing being like peeling back the layers of an onion.

    Also the thing about coming round in a great big circle - which I was suddenly aware of for myself this week, although more specifically in a creative sense.

    Sounds like you are on an interesting journey - thanks for sharing glimpses of it.