Friday 6 January 2012

Friday = play day

As you know, I have been a busy bee this week de-cluttering, rearranging furniture and trying to get a more simplistic look going on in the home and in my cupboards. As I was busy decluttering some of my cd's yesterday, I picked up a cd by the Manic Street Preachers called "Everything Must Go" - a message from the Universe perhaps? - anyway, that particular cd is most definitely staying! I did commit to getting another 3 bags filled for the Charity Shops, infact I filled 4! 

I picked up a great idea from a lady who was participating in Hannah Marcotti's clear out your closet day - she said " most years I get rid of everything that I don't LOVE and feel beautiful and comfortable in. Then I turn all the hangers backwards to start the year, and as I wear things I turn them around so that by the end of the next year I can see clearly what I have not worn at all and start by tossing those into the donation pile."
LOVE this idea! so,needless to say, I have turned all my hangers backwards. It will be interesting to see exactly what I do and don't wear by the end of this year!

Today, I decided to start taking some pictures as I am currently in week 1 of Susannah Conway's Photo Meditations.  So far this week we have looked at composition - lines - vertical and diagonal.  Rule of thirds, rule of odds and white space/negative space.  Rules of course are there to be broken too!
Usually I enjoy taking pictures of pets, people or my fave subject - nature.  Today, I chose to get out of my comfort zone and see what I could conjure up indoors.  To begin with I found it difficult.  But, as with most things, once you to start too really "see", then photo opportunities pop up everywhere. 

Playing with diagonal's - the feline beauty is my cat Dibble.

This picture just spoke to me, probably because it is a photo of my Hunter Wellingtons which are approx 25 years old and have taken me on lots of lovely dog walks.  They have holes appearing around the ankles but I can't bear to part with them!
Wash Day Soul - this doesn't follow any compostion rules but I loved the colours and shadow work going on in the shirts as they lay draped over the Sheila Maid.
My owls perched on the radiator shelf enjoying the morning sunlight - I hope I have managed to incorporate the rule of odds, diagonal and negative space in this.

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