Friday 27 January 2012

A Year of Mornings Friday 27th January 2012

I am really enjoying Hannah Marcotti's   Making Space Cleanse  which I am currently participating in. We have been looking at many things this week, including identifying your Abundance and Love Corner using the principles of  Feng Shui.
According to Feng Shui prosperity rules, the first step toward the abundance is to find the key Wealth spots. They are the  back left rooms and back left corners of your home from entering your front door. 
Purple is the best colour to stimulate and increase your abundance. Hang purple curtains on your windows, put a big chunk of amethyst or tall purple candles on your table.

I already had a citrine crystal in my abundance corner but I have since added a purple t-light holder and and a purple orchid. 

Did you know you also have a love corner?   This can be identified by standing in the front entry, facing into the home. What room or rooms are in the back of the house on the right-hand side? The corners of these rooms are your Love corners.  I was  pretty shocked to see one of my love corners on the gound floor of the home was located in the kitchen, where we place the pots, pan scubbers etc - it was a grim sight to behold this as my Love corner.  Still, I quickly remedied the situation by hanging a red love heart in the window, placed some red heart shaped t-light holders on the worktop along with a rose quartz crystal - I am now working my way through the rest of the floors identifying and "loving up" my love corners (and my abundance/prosperity corners too).


  1. I love the idea of abundance corners and love rooms. MMM - going to look around my house and see what I have.

  2. Great post - yes my love corner is pots and pans, shelves too.... so crystals and red hearts await... xx

  3. I am really enjoying following these insights into your Year of Mornings and life.

    The photos are fascinating and I'm loving all the inspiration and change that seems to be going on for you.

    1. Thanks Debbie-J, I'm getting alot out of the Making Space Cleanse - pleased you are enjoying the Year of Mornings, as I am too, little stories or thoughts now seem to be creeping in with the photo! (I didn't get the opportunity to do one for yesterday though!)