Sunday 9 February 2014

29 Faces Day 8

This is a watercolour birthday card I made for my friend Morag over at Paper Rainbow, I decided to include it in the 29 faces challenge, although the buttercup fairy's face is small, it is still a face!

And here's a poem I found on All Poetry:

Cheer up buttercup, don't turn a frown.
Just think of yourself in a beautiful gown.
Dancing with your prince, so handsome and pure.
The man you will marry, the man that's you're cure.

Cheer up buttercup, those tears just don't suit you.
A single tear from you could turn the whole world blue.
A smile's what you need, one from ear to ear,
One to fight back sadness, and destroy all fear

Cheer up buttercup, it'll turn out just fine,
This sadness is probably a happy sign.
Karma will make your frown into a smile,
And I only hope you'll be happy for a good, long while.

1 comment:

  1. I love my card! :) Small faces count every bit as much. You have found a beautiful poem to go with it too.