Friday 28 February 2014

29 Faces Day 28

I've been decorating my moleskine diary/journal for part of the Documented Life Project. This is the front cover,  but it looked nothing like this earlier on today, it was a mass of stencilled designs with flower doodles, however, it just didn't feel right, so out came the gesso and after several more layers of reworking I opted for a face, seemed the easiest option. I never imagined that I would consider drawing a face an easy option, but after the 29 faces challenges I certainly have more confidence in this area, whether it be a whimsical style or a pencil sketch of a "real" person.

This particular girl was inspired by Suzi Blu, she has a very distinctive style in folk-art and sylized girl's faces, she's a little whacky too so I find watching her videos a little distracting at times, but she is very sweet and generous with her work.

I've not quite finished her dress but it needs to be pretty because I will be looking at it for the rest of the year!


  1. I am so glad you took part. In the challenge. Your style is blossoming and I can visibly see how much confidence and passion you elude in your faces!

  2. A beautiful girl. You are going to really enjoy working in your journal.I have enjoyed visiting your blog and I will be checking back in on you.

  3. such a lovely cover!
    gesso is a wonderful thing ;-)

  4. Your new lady with the large eyes makes a nice colourful start to your journal. The colours are lovely with her red hair and green dress, and even a green butterfly to match.