Tuesday 25 February 2014

29 Faces Day 25

Yesterday class opened for Kelly Rae Roberts Hello Soul Mantras, a painting e-course.  I'm currently working through the first lesson which doesn't involve any painting yet, I'm currently working with some journal prompts which will help me to choose my Soul Mantra.

I have Kelly Rae Roberts book entitled Taking Flight and I dipped into that today to help me with this mixed media piece.

Step 1 - collage papers, music sheet and an old letter stuck down onto some chip-board (which had a layer of gesso applied)  

Step 2 - pattern and colour by spraying ink onto a doily

Step 3 - outline the face and body with a charcoal pencil
Step 4 - colour in face and body, draw wings and apply embellishments.
I have decided to use this a Mothers Day gift and I collaged an old photograph of my Mum with me as a baby. It's not quite finished, just a few things to add and then it will be complete.


  1. Love your sweet fairy, what a great idea to collage a photo of you and your mum onto the painting! The course seems to be giving you loads of inspiration!

  2. Such a pretty fairy and a great gift for your mum.