Saturday 25 August 2012

Featured Artist - Paper Rainbow

I couldn't be happier to introduce an extremely talented artist friend of mine Morag.  She has just recently started a blog called Paper Rainbow which is beautiful.  If you love mixed media, fairies, gorgeous landscapes, texture, adventures in mixed media, this is a blog to follow.  I love all of Morag's work, she has her own very distinctive style and she is very adventurous, using all kinds of materials and techniques and implements, the hot air gun being her creative companion.

I am very lucky to own a Paper Rainbow creation, my very own mixed media fairy picture which was a gift for my birthday this year.

Fairies Three

Please stop by her blog and say "hello".


  1. The fairies are lovely. I'll be on the Paper Rainbow blog as soon as I finish this. What I love about blogging is getting to see such a variety of beautiful art by people one would never come across otherwise.
    I feel this must be a 3-D piece because it even looks 3-D in the photo.
    Thanks for your encouraging comment on my latest post - if you do go to see the Gormley men wear old shoes and take a fresh pair with you to change into. Jez

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments :) I'm so glad the fairies have found such a warm and welcoming home. Morag x