Friday 31 August 2012

August Break Day 30 Joy Up

All things Joyful
I posted this collage on the Joy Up facebook page yesterday as a celebration of ourselves and our journey on the August Joy Up run by Hannah Marcotti.  What I have noticed as part of this journey is my recent attraction to the colour blue which I feel is mainly attributable to blue being the colour of the throat chakra, honouring and speaking your truth.  The dragon fly has flown alongside me this month as well, yesterday I picked up a garden t-light holder with a dragon fly design and also a solar powered stepping stone with a dragon fly on it, I look forward to posting a picture of that.

I'm wondering how I can keep the joy, ease and sense of freedom that summer brings into the month of September.  I feel most connected to my garden during the spring and summer months but often lose that connection as the winter months draw in - this is something to work with I think.

How about you?....what keeps you connected to joy and freedom as the seasons change?


  1. Lovely collage and colours. You look very peaceful and at one with the world, so something is definitely working.