Tuesday 15 July 2014

Day 4 of the 10 a day

I forgot to post yesterday, here's what I decluttered:


And today's items:

I'm a fan of The Hoarder Next Door, which is a documentary on Channel 4. Psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses and a team of expert de-clutterers come to the aid of extreme hoarders in a bid to change their lives and homes.  There are many reasons why people hoard,  one reason is because of emotional attachment, the object has an emotional meaning. This takes many forms, including the sentimental association of things with important persons, places, or events, something most people experience, just not to the same degree. Another common form of emotional attachment concerns the incorporation of the item as part of the hoarder”s identity getting rid of it feels like losing part of one's self.

I thought about why I declutter, there are many reasons, one of those reasons is stress brought on by house renovations.  A few days ago, we discovered a leak in our bathroom, the source of the leak was from our wet room in the top floor en-suite. The other half decided the easiest option was to take down the entire  bathroom ceiling as he already had to dismantle part of it to try and ascertain where the leak was coming from. 

This is what my bathroom looked like on Saturday:

We took all the debris to the local tip on Saturday and I started the clean up job yesterday, 3hrs and 30 mins later of non stop cleaning meant the bathroom was pretty much restored to its original condition, with some exceptions, namely no ceiling in place and a dirty carpet which I can't get clean.

I found this unexpected leak stressful as we are currently having a bit of upheaval "downstairs" as we have had to cram furniture out of the back room into the front room as workmen arrive tomorrow to sand the back room floorboards and hallway.  It was interesting to note what my triggers are around de-cluttering and maybe if Stellios ever decides to do a programme on extreme "de-clutterers" I may feature in it! ;o) 



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