Monday 7 July 2014

A day when we decide to listen to our hearts

"There comes a day when each of us decides to put fears and excuses aside. A day when we decide to listen to our heart – and follow it. And a day when we decide to take those first small steps towards making our wildest dreams come true.

Let today be that day for you."

I saw the above image and words from the Do What You Love blog.

If I were to listen to my heart and follow it I would:

* downsize
* move to a more rural setting
* have a really big garden/small piece of land to keep chickens, grow fruit/veg and flowers for cutting
* have a small floristry business using my home grown flowers
* have a therapy room in the garden
* have a hot tub
* have a pond
* a waterfall
* a herb garden
*a garden swing hanging from a large tree
* tree-house
*own or have a part share in a canal boat
* own a vintage sports car
* have a garage to house said vintage sports car
*write a fairy story with my own illustrations
*learn to play the cello
*be part of a sewing bee

                                      *And So It Is*

What do your dreams look like?..........I would love to know

1 comment:

  1. Can't do much about the vintage sportscar ....but lets get a sewing bee organised! :)