Monday 16 June 2014

Index Card A Day

I've been following the prompts for the Index Card A Day Challenge but wasn't really enjoying it, I didn't feel like I was having fun. So, I've decided to continue but work with my own theme, and as I have always loved Quentin Blake's illustrations, I decided to use them as inspirations for my index cards:

Girl with a crimson balloon

Boy doing a handstand

Birds on the wire

I particularly enjoyed drawing the birds on the wire, they look very cheeky to me!

Whilst on the subject of birds, I came across a wonderful piece of beach art whilst walking the dogs this evening:


  1. Well done for adapting the challenge to make it fun for you. I love your quirky sketches. They are very 'blakeish ' the little birds are my favourites too. The beach bird is wonderful. I love art that is left to be found by others.

  2. i love your birds on a wire and you charming sketches. much more fun to work with a theme that works for you. have a lovely 4th and holiday weekend.