Wednesday 2 January 2013

Hopping Mad

Here we are, still in the 12 days after Christmas and look what I find in M&S on the 2nd January - chocolate "Easter" bunnies!! I've only just packed away my nativity celebrating the birth of Jesus and the shops are busy touting the bounty of Lent - good grief.  I mean, haven't we had enough of chocolate already?

Easter Bunnies - cute but really?


  1. Easter goodies already! Words fail me. One of the pleasures of childhood was anticipation of that one special day that seemed so slow coming, and when it came was so special and memorable. I feel sorry that children today don't have that, thanks to commercialism. Ah well, haven't changed the world yet, and at 77 I think it's unlikely to happen!

    Happy photography, and success in all your ventures in 2013. I always think your photos would make such lovely greetings cards, mugs, etc.

  2. Thanks Jez, I agree with your words, commerialism has taken the "waiting" element out of special days, I doubt we will ever see a shift away from that in this age of consumerism!

  3. Oh goodness - the marketing nightmares we have to live with. They skipped valentines - straight to easter. We got christmas decor in our local supermarket at the beginning of Oct. It's madness. Ah but can we ever have too much chocolate?