Friday 25 January 2013


I felt very happy yesterday to be walking not just one dog, but two dogs!

My eldest cocker spaniel Conny is 11 years old and doesn't really get out much these days because of health related issues. So I was so surprised yesterday to see her want to come out on a walk with me and Japser, I took a couple of pictures to record the occassion. 

Conny has a variety of "pet names" mainly Granny C or Lula-Belle.  I am now calling her Snow-Belle as she looked very sweet in the snow.
And here is Jasper, enjoying a cuddle with my daughter.

Time for cuddles


  1. Conny looks so sweet, love the rolling in the snow photo :)

  2. Nice pictures, all of them. The shots taken in the snow are sweet I think she must have smelt the snow and decided to go out to play.

  3. Love your doggies - isn't just one of life's greatest pleasures to have a little furry friend to love and cherish!