Friday 28 September 2012

No Moon

Every now and then, and it usually happens when I am busy putting out the rubbish, I feel the urge to stop in my tracks and look up into the sky.  This evening I felt the pull, and as I cast my eyes upwards, there she was, a beautiful moon, not a full moon, but she's almost there.  I stayed with her a few minutes and embraced her beautiful soft energy.  And as I said my goodbyes to her and moved into the flow of my evening, I felt sad not to spend more time with her.

Moon gazing always brings back happy memories with my daughter when she was 2 years old, blond curly hair, in her pink PJ's.  Each evening before bedtime I would hold in her my arms, look out of the window and ask if she could see the moon.  Those times when we couldn't see it, she would say   "No Moon, no Moon". Funny how the little things stay with you isn't it?

In a world where all that ever stays the same is change, the Moon remains.

Look Up, What do you see? All of you and all of me.....REM


  1. Beautiful atmospheric photo, the slight haze-ring around the moon, the subtle outlining of the cloud edge. A work of art.

  2. I meant to say .... And the off centre positioning of the moon.