Saturday 8 September 2012

Finding the light

I have taken a couple of  photography courses with the very talented Vivienne McMaster and always enjoyed them.  Yesterday I downloaded her e-book entitled Tips and Tricks on taking Dreamy Photos.
I can recommend it, and is a gift at £3.30 so really no reason not to!

Here are some of the results of my little trip out into St Annes yesterday late in the afternoon, where trying to capture light was a challenge. I visited Ashton Gardens, a place I used to go to ALOT when my daughter was little. I've not been in ages and it was so worth the visit.
In the e-book, Vivienne encourages you to to just experiment and shoot directly into the light, or without looking through the lens, hold your camera at hip height and just shoot.  Intentionally overexpose your photo, intentionally underexpose your photo.  Embrace blur, embrace your inner paparazzi and shoot lots of photos. Embrace Mistakes.


I always enjoy feet and shoe shots, I like this as its not my usual colour palette

Girl In The Water

Particularly like these last two "Girl In The Water" shots, they have a slightly moody/dreamy type feel to them


  1. Love the girl in the water shot!! The leaves on the water look like wedding confetti.

  2. As always, your photos are all beautiful and the photographic courses have clearly paid off. The girl in the water is lovely, and once Morag had said about the confetti My eyes were opened to even more of the beauty. But my favourite is the autumns shot of the shoes and leaves.

  3. Oh wow, so beautiful...Vivienne is wonderful. ;)