Tuesday 31 July 2012

This would have been yum

I've fallen off the wagon, I have stopped running, stopped Yoga, stopped with the green smoothies, stopped with the de-cluttering, have no energy, no inspiration, nothing, and I have no idea why. More worrying than that, I can't be bothered, or I don't have the energy to even get going with all that good stuff.  The bounce has gone from my bungee.

So, yesterday I came across this recipe for Kale Pasta and I was immediately inspired to try it. Never having heard of Natural Yeast before I trotted along to the local health food shop and couldn't find any, what I could find was Natural Yeast Extract, so I bought that instead  - ooops!  So, the meal didn't taste quite as good as I was expecting, as I used yeast extract which is nothing like natural yeast once I had looked this up on the internet! To console myself I managed to drink a bottle of white wine and now I have a Pinot Grigio induced headache this morning.

Seeking a little wisdom from Jules Dolly recent blog post all about responding to dream time, I tried to recall my dreams from last night.  I vaguely recall dreaming about being in a floating wooden house, sat on the loo looking at  a rabbit!  So I looked this up on a websiste called dream moods and when I pieced bits of the dream together with the dream definition, it did make sense.  Using the loo apparently in a dream represents letting out your emotions, fears and worries, you need to let your feelings show.
There are many reasons for seeing a rabbit, but the one that struck a chord in me was that dreaming about a rabbit may be  analogous to your lack of commitment and how you jump from one thing or another. Kind of makes sense. Maybe I should just focus on one good thing, start from there.

On a more optimistic note, tomorrow sees the start of Hannah Marcotti's August Joy Up, full of magic, joy, ease and ritual, I'm hoping this will be the tonic I need.

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