Monday 2 July 2012

Joy in the details

This morning,  I have what my daughter would describe as "got your grump on".  I have woken up tired, with a headache, snuffly nose.  I came downstairs, wandered into my kitchen and I groaned, I hadn't tidied up the kitchen from yesterday.

After breakfast I ventured into my study, and was brave enough to take a self-portrait, no make-up, hair not brushed, teeth not cleaned (good job I'm not smiling), picture quality not that good.

Me with my grump on

So, I'm pleased I had my camera, I started to take a few pictures of all the goodness around me, and immediately my mood lifted.

My flowers following post processing in Pikmonkey

Jasper, wherever you find me in the house you will find him too!
Green smoothie, a good book and a candle
Me and my Dog
Feeling better already, gratitude for all that I have.

What do you do to lift your mood?


  1. Glad grumps have gone. The flower picture is beautiful.

  2. Just been having a bit of a catch up of various posts. Been having a bit of a summer clear out myself - it does make an amazing difference, not just physically clearing space, but emotionally letting go too!