Monday 23 April 2012

If ever there was a reason...

.... to turn the camera on yourself, then, for me, this is the reason.  I took this yesterday (Sunday 22nd April 2012) as I am preparing myself for the You Are Your Own Muse Re-writing the story by Vivienne McMaster.

This picture is a "happy accident ",  I was taking a picture of myself, not realising that in the process, I had included my other half who was standing by watching me, but, I had also captured myself with my camera! I'm kind of pleased with the result, but I'm thinking maybe I need botox for the furrow lines above my nose!! ;o)


  1. I love this picture. One for the mantelpiece!

  2. I love it toooooo! Looking forward to seeing how the course unravels x

  3. Keep us posted about how you find the course. It's one that tempted me as it looked really interesting.

  4. Love this pic of you and the reflections which tell a kind of a story. Watching one self - can be a funny experience - sort of out of body? The lines - photoshop.

  5. Serendipity! A really great pic.
    As for the lines - learn to love 'em is my philosophy - they're another part of "my story".