Tuesday 10 April 2012


A sunny day down on the beach
This picture was taken with my "new to me" iPhone using Instagram, I have no idea what filter I applied.
I have no idea if I can edit the photo and apply a new Instragram filter!
I had no idea that trying to work out how to use an iPhone would be so time consuming!
I have no idea how people take great pictures with an iPhone, as you cannot shield your screen from the sunlight!
I am out of my comfort zone using an iPhone.

 Bearing all of the above in mind, I feel this photo turned out quite well!

I then had a good idea.
I returned to the beach with my friend the G1 Panasonic Lumix and I took this:

It's had a little post processing in Picnik and a friend commented it looks like a painting!

I like both pictures.

Given the following:

 I will be taking more pictures with my iPhone! :)


  1. Both pictures are amazing, your more talented than you give yourself credit for, your making the magic happen!!!


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm from Blogging from the Heart thought I'd pop by yours. I LOVE the iphone photos in this post. I'm an iphone nut and believe me you'll love working with it and discovering all you can do! It's just plain fun. Keep out of your comfort zone because you definitely have the eye for it!

    1. Thanks for visiting Cathy, I will persevere with the iPhone :)

  3. I really love both of these photos and the fact that you went back with your G1 camera just proves what a creative love you are. Wonderful to see them both - I always look forward to seeing your photos - you're extremely talented xx

    1. Thanks Julia - pleased you enjoyed the pictures xx