Thursday 2 June 2011

Tic Tocc 8

After the DWYL Art & Enterprise Retreat, I had a bit of a web attack! Not only did I start my own blog, but I started following loads of blogs, signed up for Mondo Beyondo  and joined various groups, one being The Wright Story and the Tic Tocc exercise. TIC TOCC consists of simple timed creative exercises designed by Kat and delivered weekly free to your email address. TIC TOCC  is a just a fun anagram for - Ten-minute Inspiration Catalyst   Timed Optional Creative Challenge! :-)
It doesn't have to be 10 mins, it can also be 20 mins, and by using the TIC TOCC prompt which was this:  

"On the rocks you find a smashed ceramic container. Inside there is a rolled piece of parchment. Most of the words have been damaged; washed away by the sea spray. But there are three words visible. They are:

Garnet * Blood * Magic

I created this in 20 minutes:

I am your rock, I am your shining light.  I keep you safe in my waters as you pass during the night.  For I see you, you do not see me.  I am a magic mermaid, my blood is the sea.  On Garnet Rock, I sit and wonder if you dream of me?
20 minutes wasn't long enough but it was a good starting point to get the creative juices flowing and I really enjoyed the process.  But it did make me think, there could never be enough time because knowing when to STOP is really difficult!  I am finding this out as I journey with my 2nd canvas from the Art Retreat, it is still being worked on and is looking the same but a little different: 

Maybe I should give myself a deadline to get her finished by?....note it's a "her", she looks like a mermaid to me and she came "out" of the picture. I doubt,  I KNOW, that I could not have intentionally created this - I  like this organic way of painting as its exciting to see what it gives birth too!

Ok, working with what I have just written, maybe I should think of her as my baby, I am in slow labour, its tense, frustrating, joyful and painful at times, but I have to keep focussed on the end result, if no show by the week-end, I will need a rocket up my bum to get her OUT!!  

More to follow on the live adventures of a Swiryl Girl - now where is that Gas and Air?.................... ;o) x


  1. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog - good idea - i am an artist affirmation - couldn't wish for a better one. i love your enthusiasm about your own creative journey - it sounds as if you are just blowing up with inspiration at the moment - its very infectious - i will be visiting you again for more lol - clare

  2. I know what you mean about the stopping part. I started a painting yesterday - Flora style - and can't be sure when to stop. Right now it looks quite nice as an abstract - but what is it? What's it trying to say? I'm beginning to see form and shape inside so might take it from there... my boyfriend likes it as it is though. Hmmmm decisions. I might have to post it on my blog and see what others think.

    I do love where you are going with the mermaid though. There's so much watery movement going on there. I don't think she'll need much more.

  3. Great use of the TIC TOCC prompt! The sketch is really creative; I like all the swirls of colour & detail on the mermaid. And I love the magical words; they illustrate the story and mermaid's purpose beautifully. I'm impressed with how much you got done in the short space of time.

    The painting from your art retreat is beautiful - full of gorgeous vivid colours, imaginative detail and texture. When to stop is always hard. Sometimes I go on too long because of self-doubt and inexperience and ruin things. I guess the trick is to find and listen to your intuitive voice and not let fear or low self-esteem sway your decision. But that's easier said than done and I suspect can be a lifetime in the learning. LOL.

    Great to meet you & glad to have you join me on my TIC TOCC journey. I see you're also following Inspiration Avenue so I look forward to also seeing you there.

    Kat :-)

  4. Oh and just given this post/your blog a mention on facebook and Twitter. Hope it helps you connect up with more creative folk.
    And just a thought but have you come across the site - if not its worth a visit as it holds a lovely community of creative people.

    Kat X