Tuesday 24 May 2011

Changing & Growing

When the sunshine came out to play last week, so did I! I took my 2nd canvas which I wasn't entirely happy with and began making some changes to it. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it when I left the retreat but its changing & growing into this:

I LOVE what I am creating.  In her book Taking Flight, Kelly Rae Roberts talks about running marathons and each time she crossed the finished line she was running back towards herself - I have a similar feeling when I paint, I feel like I am reconnecting with a long forgotten self.  It's magical. And, whilst on the word of MAGIC, I am determined to keep the DWYL magic bubbling and brewing :

I bought a Spell Book!!



  1. I love where your painting is going! I've been tackling my third painting, which I didn't finish, and so far it's not worthy of show and tell! Also loving the spell book - I've just rediscovered charmed and am very keen on all things magic!
    PS. So pleased you found the class you were looking for :)

  2. Anonymous said...Now I'm intrigued.... what magic will you brew?!

    Just back from a week in Greece - I can't wait to get painting, though suspect that the colour blue will be featuring heavily!

    Some problem with blogger means I can't sign in to comment - this is Lisa (WrightStuff!)

  3. Me too I love your 3rd picture. I haven't done any painting at all and am dying to get more done. I think on the retreat I had that beginners free from expectation glee, and in a way I am more nervous to paint again now that i have made 3 paintings I like. And also I think it would be good to cultivate that free flowing deal with what is spirit again. garden is a great idea to do it in... come on sunshine

  4. I'm loving this painting. Having been to the Flora workshop and seen it evolve, now I notice different things in your paintings... it's great that you've continued on your stuff, I have just started on a new canvas to see if I remember how on earth I did it!!!! Gorgeous spell book too btw .... xxx