Monday 29 February 2016

29 Faces - Day 29

Well, here I find myself, the last day of the 29 faces challenge.  Today I experimented in digital art using a free app called  Harmony - Mr.doob - find it here

This is the result:

29 Faces - Day 29

I also created a collage of some, not all of the faces I've made this month:

There has been alot of Quentin Blake sketches and faces drawn in the style of Quentin Blake, which I have enjoyed creating.  I  have really enjoyed the challenge this year, it has got me drawing/sketching/painting and at times has been quite therapeutic.  It has also supported me in my word/phrase of the year "creative nourishment".  My original word was "harmony" but as I progressed with the challenge, creative nourishment seemed to fit so much better.

Tomorrow I start something new which is being hosted by Tara Leaver called "Express It" month.  Its an idea based on the idea of making art as a direct expression of emotion. It's not limited to painting either, it could be drawings, collage, clay work, music, photography, dance, poetry, sewing.....whatever your creative action of choice. I'm looking foward to it and what emerges from it.

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