Sunday 5 January 2014

2014 Guiding Word

I like to make New Year Resolutions and yet like so many, I'm not so great at keeping them. Instead, I have started to choose words or a mantra to set the tone for my forthcoming year. For the year 2013 I chose the words Peace, Space and Brave. Out of that combination, space really showed up for me.  It was something I was craving for on a physical level and it showed up by quite an intensive year of decluttering, which in turn created space and peace within me on an emotional/spiritual level.  The consequence of this led to me brave by being able to release/let go of some issues, situations I had been holding onto.

As I was playing with and trying on word combinations for this year, I found that space didn't want to leave me and I didn't want to leave it.  My guiding theme or mantra for 2014 is:

White Space Project

White space for me feels like a space in which to rest, to feel at ease with, it feels uncluttered and reflective. 

The White Space Project has already begun, I feel it found me in the latter stages of last year when I started to remodel my kitchen (that is another blog post!).  Today my white space started with more decluttering and I filled a bag with 10 items ready to be taken to the Charity Shop tomorrow. My intention is to be able to decluttter 10 items a day for the next 365 days.

Decluttered items ready for donation

A cluttered pen pot holder

uncluttered spacious pen pot holder

What about you? Do you keep New Years Resolutions or are you guided by a word or theme?


  1. Beautiful, peaceful photo of the bird. No, I don't really start the year with a word or theme, but the move from house to apartment taught me the importance of de-cluttering, and like you I weed out regularly. A few items to the charity shop each week is much better than one massive attempt which never works. As for DVDs…. the rule is 'one in, one out' to keep the DVD library within it's allocated space.
    Thank you for your comment on my post - if you let Paper Rainbow have your email, or ask her for mine, then I can contact you about it.
    Enjoyed your post very much, and hope the year brings more peace and space to enjoy life.

  2. ooh I love spacious as a word. its very yogic. and declutterish. my word is DELIGHT. which feels light and spacious. I might also add OWN IT. which is a bit Andrea Sherish. But I like her stuff. And it feels right to me.