Sunday 24 November 2013

Creative Spark Week 6

I feel slightly sad that my time with all my lovely class mates in the creative spark e-course has now come to an end. I feel I have packed alot in and have probably been at my most productive in terms of drawing and painting for a long time.

Our task for week 6 was to collage/paint onto canvas and rather than 'over think' the process, Tara, our course teacher wanted us to be in a space where we get out of the way of ourselves and just allow for something to develop.

Step 1: Sorting out collage papers
Step 2: Deciding on the final arrangement and sticking them down
Step 3: Working with 3 colours only
Step 4: Turning the canvas around and noticing a woodland feel
Step 5: The feathers weren't working and my wolf was looking a little lost
Step 6: Poor light quality in this photo, I made my wolf slightly bigger but not happy with the foreground
Step 7: I toned down the foreground and added some spirals to create a relationship with the patterns in the trees
It was really interesting to go through this process and watch the canvas develop, there are things I would like to change but sometimes we just have to allow it to be finished!


  1. I LOVe this, the spontaneity shines through, the best paintings evolve this way. I love the papers you have chosen and the little wolf peeping through looks friendly rather than fierce. The course really seems to have fired your creative spark...keep going, I want to see more of this fabulous work!! x

  2. I loved every stage of the development of this painting, each one seemed to me to be a work of art, complete in itself - including the 'sorting out collage papers'. Sounds like an excellent course,and I like the way Tara described the 'space' she wanted you all to be in. The final piece makes me think of Red Riding Hood, lovely.