Monday 30 September 2013

Sunday Baking

I had a few over ripe bananas hanging around the kitchen, each time I looked at them I thought to myself that I must make some banana bread.  When others pointed out the bananas were past their best as I said "they are perfect for making banana bread". So, the thoughts and the talk blended into Sunday morning baking action:

Mash two bananas

Mix butter & sugar together, add a couple of eggs and blend, fold in sifted flour with a dash of baking power and then add bananas

Pour mixture into a 2 Ibs loaf tin, top with sliced banana and a sprinkle of sugar, then bake!
Ta-Dah! - Yummy banana bread


  1. I haven't made banana bread for years, but it was quite a different recipe which was given to me by a girl from the Caribbean. I must try again, but unless I buy a mixer I shall have to pass on this recipe. The problem with moving to a smaller kitchen when one moves to a flat is that there definitely has to be a weeding out of utensils, and my blender won out over the mixer! Thanks for the inspiration though, and the photographs are great (as always!).

  2. MMMMMmm I love banana bread!! Making it at after school club tomorrow not sure it will turn out as good as yours though! :)