Friday 15 June 2012


"It's time we should talk about it, there are no secrets kept in here"

The above lyrics are courtesy of China Crisis and their wonderful tune from the 80's Wishful Thinking.  They seem quite poignant, as currently I am participating in Hannah Marcotti's Making Space for Surrender which is inviting me to open up to what I am currently fighting with in my life and understand the truths to emerge from the fight. One of my truths is that I keep secrets, my own, and others.  Why do I keep my own secrets? To stay safe. Safe from judgement and criticism from others.
Does keeping my secrets enhance my life? - No.  
Can I begin to reveal my secrets? Yes, but maybe only slowly in a gentle unravelling kind of way.

Secret No 1 - I like to hug trees
Secret No 2  - I have been a sinner
Secret No 3 - I'm not good at Maths
Secret No 4- I often wonder why the banks can't print more money to get the economy out of recession
Secret No 5 -  I have seen my own Aura - it was like a light show
Secret No 6 - I used to be a really good speller, now my spelling is detoriating as I get older - I worry about this
Secret No 7 - I like to break rules
Secret No 8 - I play hide and seek with my Dog
Secret No 9 - I sometimes fart when I cough - this is getting embarassing, particularly if it happens in supermarkets!
Secret No 10 - I shout at the TV when England are playing

Do you have secrets you would like to share?


  1. Love you too Hannah and your beautiful work, this list would never have made its way out of me if it hadn't of been for Making Space for Surrender x

  2. I agree that we keep secrets to stay safe. There are other secrets that I keep that are other people's and must not be shared. There must be a level between the two extremes that can be managed. So, what secret am I prepared to share? Just now I am more frightened than I let my family know, though my husband guesses I'm sure - we always so close we know each others feelings. That was hard Swirly, but definitely a secret I've been hiding ... Hope it's not too sad. Makes me feel a little better.

    1. Beautiful Jez - I have dropped you a mssg via facebook x

  3. This list is amazing. And, I love no. 9. I think its too cute. However, I can see how you wouldn't feel this way... I'm good at Math, but find that my Math skills are slipping as I age... Thanks for your vulnerability!! I think I will write a "secrets" post today. :)

    1. I did it! Thanks for the inspiration!! ;)

  4. I don't always post, but I so enjoy reading your blog Debbi. I love your open heart - despite the secrets *LOL*

    I thought it was a really interesting list, and it prompted me to think not just in terms of secrets I keep, but what I am prepared to share with which people.