Monday 12 March 2012

Something to blog about

OK, so today was a first for me in my baking world, I made a chocolate olive oil cake.  I came across this on Tara's blog as she baked this cake yesterday, only hers looks a little more professional than mine (I tried to disguise, in a rather badly fashion all the cracks on top of my cake by dusting it with icing sugar)

It felt quite an odd experience, mixing chocolate and olive oil together, but as the two ingredients  melted and blended together, the oil gave the melted chocolate a smooth, velvet and glossy texture. 
It tasted really nice too!

You can find this recipe at 

This cake is very easy to make, although you do have to fiddle about lining your cake tin with parchment! It is dairy free and I made it with wheat free flour to cater for the man of the house who is on a gluten free diet. It is very rich and moist, but I would probably cut down on the quantity of olive oil, the recipe uses 80g olive oil, I think 50/60g would be better.

If you decide to try this recipe, let me know how you get on, it's good to share!

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