Thursday 27 February 2014

29 Faces Day 27

Young Woman In A Blue Blouse

I couldn't resist another Matisse offering and today the young woman in a blue blouse gave me inspiration.  This ended up a bit of a mixed media affair - prismacolor and watercolours.

Working with a limited colour palette really simplifies things and helps takes the stress out of this challenge, and I notice how relaxed I am feeling after working with the colour blue.

Do you find working with a particular colour therapeutic?

I also ran her through a photo editor, added a blue tone and a water effect with a  blue frame, I quite like the dreamy quality it gives her.


  1. Blue is such a peaceful colour, I like the way her high collar frames her face.

  2. I went to the Matisse exhibition again yesterday as I had to be in Southport anyway. As I walked into the exhibition gallery the gorgeous bright colours of the cut-outs right around the walls of the room just lifted my heart, they were so striking. Your first photo of your painting had those lovely Matisse colours that sing, and it's interesting to see the change in the effect of the digital editing and how it has produced the underwater effect.