Wednesday 6 November 2013

Creation is never about changing yourself.... is about meeting yourself, probing deep into your own core. (Life, Paint and Passion by Michele Cassou and Stewart Cubley).

There seems to be alot of meeting ourselves currently taking place over in the creative spark e-course
with lots of conversations about why we judge ourselves when it comes to making art.  I was particularly struck by the words of one creative spark who wrote in the facebook page " Just as I look at everyone else's work and wonder the same! "Compare and despair" they tell me, the story of my life! Rather than enjoying the journey of making a piece of artwork, I project myself to the finished article, find it lacking (in my head) and stop.......or just never start! I know I am not alone in this, but 61 years of lack of confidence really is showing in this course"

This really hit an arrow into my heart, I was witnessing my relationship towards my own art! So last night I decided to do another blind contour drawing (with a little peeking) as I find them quite therapeutic and used lemon yellow and  yellow ocre as these colours don't feature strongly in my colour story.

I spent a peaceful hour or so painting, listening to music and enjoying the crackle and heat of a coal fire and found the entire process very meditative and deeply satisfying. 

I wanted to add a background but believing I may spoil the picture, I took a photo of it and added a background in picmonkey, then added a few words around it:

Feeling further inspired by what I read in Life, Paint and Passion, I added some words onto a picture I took of my paint palette - "creation wants only to fulfill your deepest desire, to know and accept yourself as you are.  There are no conditions, no invitations to show at the door.  You are at the door and your brush is the key"


  1. This is really beautiful, the lemon yellow and delicate petals are gorgeous, it is often so difficult to not compare oneself with others, I think even famous Artists probably do, but yes it is negative and unhelpful as you are right creativity comes from the soul, it is personal to the individual and therefore special in every way. It is the journey that is the fun part and often that is what gets lost in the self doubt.

  2. Your blind drawings turn out so perfectly, free and full of spirit. Like you I reach a point where I want to leave it because I like it at a certain point, and so often copy it and work on the copy or add digitally as you have done.
    You have no need to compare, there is no-one else who can draw and paint what you create because it is not in their mind. I love your flower.