Friday 8 June 2012

Unexpected stillness

Unexpected stillness descended upon our home early evening yesterday by means of a power cut. A quick call to our electricity supplier confirmed that approx 30 homes in our area had been affected, power would be restored by either 10:30pm that evening or 8am the following morning.

My early evening ritual of lighting candles had already started before the said power cut.  However, I was able to extend my t-light fest all around the home! It reminded me of the last time we participated in earth hour, where we turned of the lights, TV, computer - it generates such a stillness.  I always feel that electric items always create a "silent noise".

As there were no TV  to watch, play stations to do battle on, computers to entertain, everyone migrated into the back room to have a chat whilst I pottered about lighting up more candles. It is a sad confession, but very rarely do we come together as a family unit and spend time with each other (apart from meal times). 

I found the space within the stillness very welcoming, I feel a return to how we can be, how we are, without the constant distraction of media - TV, computers, etc.....and in that moment, I recognised a simplicity that is seriously lacking in my life, a simplicity I had before a PC became just another household commodity.  I shifted with some unease around this.  The truth was (is) I'm just as distracted by the internet and facebook as the rest of the family (apart from my partner who doesn't have a facebook account).  

A couple of things I can take from this:
1. I need to cut back on my internet/pc time - maybe I should think of starting a low IT diet? restrict myself to maybe 30 mins on-line time a day.
2. I would like to dedicate one evening a week and spend that time together as a family, playing cards, a game etc

T-light Peace

Power was restored after an hour from reporting the outage - the family fragmented back to the usual routine.


  1. I can identify with what you are saying. We have 2 laptops in our house, three computers and 1 iPad, two BlackBerries and two cellphone, plus Sat TV - we all go our separate ways when we arrive home and thats that for the night. I'm just as bad as the kids wearing their thumbs out on their BlackBerries, even my completely untech husband uses his work iPad now to read the paper and surf the net. I think I should write to our govt and request load shedding again. What has become of us?

  2. It is the noticing of all this that is so interesting. How we all begin to re-relate to each other once the media drip feed has stopped. Your blog post is so eloquently written - I love the paragraph "I found the space within the stillness very welcoming .... I always ask myself the question "What could I really get done if I turned everything off and relied on myself? As they used to say all those years ago "Why don't you switch off your Television set and go do something less boring instead?" That was in the 70s, we've got so much more interruption now. Great post Debbi xxxxx

  3. I liked your peaceful and thoughtful post, you write so well. There is one good thing to be said for the technology though. Through it I have come to know inspiring people like you, who have have helped me through the last very difficult couple of months. I have a way of taking my mind away from myself - as a counsellor I know you will understand. Thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes on my first attempt back on my blog post-op.

  4. It is amazing how the technology has seeped in and taken over without our hardly noticing.

    I love the idea of a Low IT Diet !!