Wednesday 27 June 2012

Making Space

I'm currently taking part in Hannah Marcotti's Making Space Cleanse Summer Solstice, I so enjoyed the benefits of the  New Year Cleanse that it felt perfectly natural to sign up for the Summer Solstice Cleanse and I am really making changes on a deeper level this time around.

I've been clutter busting my closet

Closet Before

Closet After

 Walking into that space just feels so much better now for me having a good "sort out".  There is a shelf above the closet door which holds shoe boxes etc and I have a couple of boxes which are home to some memorabilia, little drawings made by daughter when she was younger, notes to the tooth-fairy etc.  Then I came across my wedding day cards, I got married in 1987 and I have been divorced approx 8 years, what was I hanging on to those cards for? So, I got them out of the box, looked at them, then promptly found them a new home - in the paper recycling bag.  The more I thought about it, those cards represented a dream I once held for myself, marriage, creating my own happy home etc....I was holding onto an old dream, an old part of my life - there is no room for the past in my present.  And I am reminded of a quote I came across recently - "you cannot drive forward looking in the rear view mirror"

Hannah has also got us looking at the ritual of our mornings, how do we flow into the start of each day? My day always starts with drinking hot lemon water, however, I usually find that I have to dry up and put away pots from the previous day before I  get to the hot lemon water stage.
This is not a good way to start my day.  So the question Hannah asked was, how can we take our mornings to the next level?  I considered this for a while, the answer came pretty quickly, clear up my kitchen the night before.  So, yesterday, this is what I did. This allowed me to step into this morning without having to pick up any dishes from last night, as a result, I made space, in this space I sat and drank my lemon water, I made a Kale smoothie, did a little Yoga (let's emphasise the word "little"), made my bed and covered it with a bedspread I like (I can do that when the other half is away at the moment!), I started to read a new book which arrived in the post this morning, Feng Shui Your Life by Tisha Morris.

Morning Love

Do you have any rituals to help you ease into your morning?


  1. Ritual to start the day? I've never thought of it that way, but it's invariable. Always awake early, always been early risers! Switch bedside radio on at 5.30, listen with particular interest to the farming programme - and if I'm lucky enough to wake before 5.30 I can catch the shipping forecast. Those names are like poetry - north utzira, south utzira, Cromarty, fastnet, Lundy, Portland bill, biscay ... And so on right round Britain. Listen to the news headlines and then head for the shower. Love it, and the peace of early morning. .

  2. I can so relate to finding a box full of cards, keepsakes from a previous marriage. I had been holding onto them for 7 years and I too felt that they needed to be released. This was 3 years ago, the night before Will and I moved to France, we went to his allotment and he lit the fire and I threw all of them on there. It was cathartic, cleansing and releasing.

    Your cleanse looks amazing and Yay! to the Kale smoothie... what's ya recipe?

    Ritual starts for the day are amazing and so important and you have just reminded me of this. xxx