Thursday 16 June 2011

Changing Girl

"It's a bigger part, when our instincts act"...sings Paul Weller in Changing Man.

On days when I know I am acting on instinct/intuition, I always have Changing Man playing on the jukebox inside my head....and today, I am changing.  I have been decluttering (again), I am clearing, to allow for something new to come into my life, preparing the way for the Mondo Beyondo List (I have added to that list again today).

I have also started an Art Journalling course (which again is supporting the Mondo Beyondo List) - it's a 4 week course called Creative Journal Magic, it's only just started -  so more to come on that.

I am seeing small manifestations of "the list".  A dream is to take beautiful photographs.  I think I achieved that today with a picture of a beautiful poppy growing in my front garden:


  1. yup that's a beautiful photograph!! enjoy the art journalling course

  2. Just been reading through some of your posts - lovely photos, but where's Dora?! Until I find my own campervan I have to be content with drooling over other peoples'... :)

    I'm still working on my third painting from the retreat (and am starting to think I might need to do more to the second) - love to see yours developing!

    To answer your question about my inner grace painting - another artist taught me a very cool technique - lightly stick a piece of tissue paper by the corners to a piece of A4 paper, then put it through the printer - it works really well as long as it doesn't get caught up! You can play with all kinds of fonts, sizes and colours etc. Plus when you stick it down the tissue paper doesn't show so you just see the text. I use it quite a lot in my paintings. :)

  3. Ah... decluttering... I've come to the realisation that I need to really get stuck in. I keep putting it off but the house is getting out of control. Moving house somewhere bigger (with lots of cupboards) is another solution (but just need to win the lottery first!)