Saturday 12 July 2014

Getting back on track

I often notice that I will start challenges of various kinds and find it very hard to maintain them, whether that be art challenges, diet or exercise challenges. Maybe it's because some of the challenges I've set myself in the past aren't hitting my core values, and, to be honest, I think my list of core values needs to be revisited so I will do some journalling/visioning work around that. 

One core value that always keeps popping up for me is space and tidiness, I always feel so much better when my living space is de-cluttered and tidy. This has been a bit of a challenge recently with both young adults being back at home for the holidays and managing a 9 month old puppy who loves to drag her toys around the house and dump them wherever she chooses. Not to mention the other half of the act who leaves his tools around the place when he is doing DIY!

A guiding phrase  I set myself for this year was "White Space" and this has involved alot of decluttering, including letting go of bookcases, alot of books and decorating, it's a work in progress. To keep myself aligned with the core values of  my guiding phrase, today I decided to commit to two challenges for this month:

  • declutter 10 items a day for the next week
  • do not bring any new plastic bags into the home for the rest of the month

These are the items I decluttered today, which have found their way into a bag to go to the Charity shop.

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