Monday 4 February 2013


I have a gratitude buddy, on most days we exchange an email listing the things we are grateful for, this was an idea inspired by Andrea Scher over at SuperHero Life.  Sometimes, I take a picture to express my gratitude.  After a particular tough day, I decided to snap a few pictures this evening to remind me that I have so much to be grateful for, this is my gratitude collage for today, just a few simple captures of my immediate surroundings in my living room.

I am also grateful for the band World Party whom I have started to play again after a long absence, here is a particular favourite song of mine by them entitled Making It All Come True:

What are you grateful for today?


  1. A lovely montage, and reflecting on our day-to-day lives is so important. Dev and I always close up our day by telling each other at least three things about the day that have made us happy and grateful.
    But thanks for the reminder, there are days when the bad things try to mask the good things.
    Thank you for your interesting comments on my post about the wax collages. We just bought the stuff and never thought about a course, if there was such a thing then, and just experimented and taught each other.
    By the way - always grateful for being able to read so many great blogs like yours.

  2. Just listened to the world party track, never heard it before!! Its great. What am I grateful for today? well I discovered a great world party track thanks to a very good friend :)