Saturday 24 November 2012

Seeing Drala Week 3

A late post from last week's Seeing Drala (Week 3) assignment entitled Garden of Impermeance, which was about looking at nature, in its ever changing state.  This was a large topic as there were many elements to think about. 

Grasses on the shoreline - Zen aesthetic

Zen aesthetic images show the simplicity or elimination of clutter. Things are expressed in a plain, simple, natural manner.  They are elegant and beautiful.  We can find images in nature that reflect this elegant simplicity. 

Fallen Leaf -Visual Haiku

 Visual Haiku images reflect the changing season, the cycle of life.  Just as in a traditional written Haiku, there is a certain tension that arises.  Something that indicates to the reader that an event has happened.   

Sand dune grass
 This grass just "popped" out at me so I took the shot, simple but quite effective.

I am noticing more things just "popping" out at me these days which is what the course is about, it's about noticing what takes your eye before you put a concept upon it.

These are some images which popped out for me this week but are not part of the assignment.

White berries - not sure what these are!
Afternoon Moon


  1. Absolutely beautiful photographs, you are such a talented photographer. Do you use digital or film?

    Have you ever seen the old film 'On GoldenPond'? The photographic shots of the images of the lake edge are stunning, and your photos remind me of them. It's worth watching just for these serene shots.

    1. Thanks Jez! I use digital mostly but I do dabble with film once in a while. I haven't seen On Golden Pond, sounds good tho! - thanks for the recommendation x

  2. Love the grasses on the shoreline! beautiful photographs.