Sunday 22 May 2011

Do What You Love Art and Enterprise Retreat Contd.....

A week ago today I woke up for the last time in "The Shire" aka Natural Retreats, Richmond, North Yorkshire.  Said goodbye to the bunny rabbits, had a birthday breakfast in the Tipi, packed up Dora (my trusty VW Campervan) and hit the road...a few hours later I had crossed "the border" back into Red Rose Country (Lancashire). I can draw many comparisons between the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy & the DWYL Art & Creative Enterprise Retreat:

Magical Woodland

Flora Bowley - A Teaching Wizard

Fellowships & Friendships Forged by the campfire
Unchartered territories deep into the mines of our souls were navigated, some with laughter, some with smiles and some with tears, some shifts at a deep level were made as I met and vanquished my own fears.  As I sit writing this blog post, one thing I know for sure, a ring of magic was weaved in those days and will live on inside me ever more! - I do like a bit of rhyme!


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  1. I do like vibrant and funky!! love this post. it was magic. and it is still going on!! love that you are doing Mondo Beyondo too. in fact that there are 4 of us on it as buddies. COOL! great news about the big earrings. I love that. it shows up in the details sometimes i think. and you have Dora.